Quetzlotl is a serpent god, son of Quetzalcoatl.


After reports of a giant feathered serpent having devoured an entire DC Metro Train, Wonder Woman makes her way cautiously though one of the tunnels. She finds a large feather lying on the track and knows she is close to her quarry. Suddenly the creature looms out of the darkness and the Amazon Princess engages in combat with the beast. As she is carried backwards into one of the stations she hears a train approaching from the other direction. She quickly decides to take the battle topside and smashes away the serpent's fangs before looping her lasso around the creature and hauling it up through the ceiling and into the park above.

The serpent, named Quetzlotl, bemoans the fact that she has "castrated him" and she warns that if he does not give in she may just do that next! She punches Quetzlotl into the ground and orders him to regurgitate the train. Reluctantly, the beaten creature obeys and disgustingly spews up the train and it's passengers who are thankfully unharmed.

Wonder Woman then asks Quetzlotl if he injured and the now calmer serpent says that he is fine and has suddenly lost his appetite. He also has no idea why he has just done this as it is most usual behavior - he normally loathes the taste of flesh. As the serpent departs into the sky to return to its lair, Quetzlotl apologizes again for his actions but adds that something made him do this - made him blind with hunger and he fears more may come after him.

It is later revealed that Quetzlotl was under the influence of the Children of Ares when he attacked Wonder Woman.




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