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Throughout the 1940s, Quicksilver was a mysterious hero with super-speed.

The first recorded sighting of Quicksilver was in 1940, in New York City, when he appeared "out of nowhere" to subdue a demolition team of hypnotized police officers. He vanished from that scene, and from a long series of others, fighting always on the side of law and order, against a variety of mad scientists and other criminals, until about 1949.

People called him "the Laughing Robin Hood of Crime," but nobody knew his real name, or if he even had one. It is believed, based on the grace and agility of his fighting style, that he was once a circus acrobat, as he himself has hinted.[citation needed] He joined no clubs and teamed up with no other heroes. He never took off his mask to anyone. Among his few long-term associates were his friends, the Chinese Hoo Mee, and the Native American Shoshone.[1]

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  • Acrobatics[1]
  • Gadgetry: Quicksilver invented, and produced a supply of, grenade-sized fire-extinguishing gas capsules.[3]
  • Criminology: He kept extensive files in order to aid him in tracking down criminals.[1]

  • Quicksilver ran in National Comics Vol 1 from #5 to #71. National Comics itself only lasted for four issues after that.
  • Quicksilver never met or teamed up with any other super-heroes, but did once appear in a multi-superhero story, in Uncle Sam Quarterly #2 and appeared amid a gaggle of other National Comics characters, on the cover of National Comics #36.
  • Quicksliver had a cave headquarters, in Oakwood Park.
  • The character would later serve as the basis for a super-speedster called Max Mercury.