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Quicksilver was a mysterious hero with super-speed.

Of unknown identity, the man known only as Quicksilver had once been a circus acrobat. He joined no clubs and teamed up with no other heroes. He never took off his mask to anyone.

Among his few long-term associates were his friends, the Chinese Hoo Mee, and the Native American Shoshone.[1]

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  • Quicksilver ran in National Comics Vol 1 from #5 to #71. National Comics itself only lasted for two issues after that.
  • Quicksilver never met or teamed up with any other super-heroes, but did once appear in a multi-superhero story in Uncle Sam Quarterly #2.
  • Quicksliver had a cave headquarters, in Oakwood Park.
  • The character would later serve as the basis for a super-speedster called Max Mercury.