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Quietus is a counterpart to Batman from the Dark Multiverse, a hybrid being created by the Lazarus Pit when Batman, Ra's al Ghul, and Duke Thomas entered it at the same time.

Quietus came into being after the Duke Thomas of his world was killed; though the way he died was not known it involved the Batman of his world in some capacity. In an attempt to bring Duke back, Batman attempted to resurrect him using a Lazurus Pit, but the Ra's al Ghul of that world intervened. The fight ended with Ra's dead, and all three men falling into the pit. However, the Lazurus Pit was defunct and their esenses entangled with each other creating the being known as Quietus.

As a member of the Dark Knights, Quietus took part in the Dark Multiverse invasion of Prime Earth. Quietus battled his partial counterpart Duke Thomas in the Castle Bat-controlled Gotham Narrows. He lost when Duke received reinforcements in the form of Orphan, Tim Drake, and Spoiler.