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Quislet is an energy being from the dimension of Teall who was recruited into the Legion of Super-Heroes.


The Teallians exist in a hive mind, but Quislet enjoyed his individuality so tried to escape his people. Teallians can inhabit and animate nearly any matter, but the inhabited object quickly breaks down and disintegrates.

The Teallians devoted all their resources to the Trans-D-Vessel with which to explore reality. The Teallians do not have genders, but Quislet is mostly referred to as "he".

Quislet, a singular entity with an atypical degree of independent thinking, was chosen to be the ship's pilot. Quislet, however, enjoyed his free existence and had no desire to merge with the central mind. He took the craft straight into a wormhole, eventually emerging in the Earth dimension. He told the Legion that he was an explorer selected by his race, though the truth is that Quislet stole the ship and fled through an interdimensional portal. Due to his amazing display of power, he was invited to join the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The Teallians tracked down Quislet's location and attempted to retrieve the Trans-D-Vessel craft and punish the traitor. Wildfire helped Quislet escape the wrath of his people. Quislet was forever exiled from the place of his birth.


  • Tellians Physiology: His true form is a microscopic energy being that flies around in a tiny spaceship called the Trans-D-Vessel.
  • Possession: He (or she), as an energy, has the ability to possess inorganic matter and transform it into whatever shape it chooses. Once in possession, he can control its movement.
  • Disintegration: The inorganic matter disintegrates after a time. The more matter he possesses, the longer it takes before the object disintegrates.


  • Trans-D-Vessel: His ship is apparently the only thing that does not disintegrate after possession. No explanation has been provided regarding the nature or elemental composition of the ship in which Quislet apparently resides.


  • Quislet is only his code name. His real name is a group of unpronounceable characters.



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