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 Qwardians are the dominant race of the planet Qward. Their military is composed of Weaponers and Thunderers.



Following the creation of the Multiverse when Krona had viewed the birth of the universe, there was also an Antimatter Universe (or Negative Matter Universe) which mirrored the Positive Matter Universe at least on Earth-One. The planet Qward would be a planet that would be the Antimatter analogue to the Postive matter planet Oa.

While this world would become the birthplace of the Anti-Monitor, a creature bent on the destruction of all positive matter, and thus the Multiverse, the Qwardians would become the dominant species on the planet and would eventually be used as soldiers in the Antimonitors quest to destroy all positive matter.

Prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Qwardian's would often clash with the Green Lantern of Earth (Hal Jordan), and often provide sanctuary to his arch nemesis Sinestro.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

During Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Anti-Monitor would use the Qwardian Thunderers as his own army on Qward, and convert many of them into his shadow creatures which he would send to attack those in the positive matter universes who were gathered by the Monitor to thwart the Anti-Monitors plan. When the Anti-Monitor was defeated at the beginning of time, the Antimatter Universe while changed, the Qwardians survived.


While all the details regarding the changes to the Antimatter Universe following the Crisis in general, and the Qwardians specifically, are as yet unrevealed, they continue to live in a universe that has changed in that it is a reality of opposites compared to the new singular universe created after the Crisis. It is presumable a lot of the Qwardians's past history remains intact following the Crisis.

JLA/Avengers Crossover

The Qwardian's and their entire universe was briefly erased by Krona who was once again seeking the truth behind the origins of the Universe. However the Qwardians and their reality were restored thanks to the combined efforts of the Justice League of America and the The Avengers.

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Military dictatorship

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Cultural Traits:

The society on Qward is one in which acts of evil are considered lawful, however acts of good are considered criminal.


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