In the Arkham Asylum near Dr. Young's office a body bag can be found. The subject's foot is the only part of his body that can be seen, but the toe-tag has the name "Ra's al Ghul" written on it. But when you return to that same location later, the body bag is unzipped and the body is nowhere to be found.

In Arkham City Batman notices one of Talia's elite guards in Penguins museum, and once freed she retreats to the closest Assassin base, after following her he finds it under Arkham City in the ruins of Wonder City, and as he is poisoned he offers to Talia upon their meeting that he will undergo the Demon Trials to take Ra's place. After succeeding all the trials he finally makes his way to the Lazarus bit, where an old dying Ra's requests Batman kill him, to which he refuses to Talia's surprise, then Ra's falls into the pit, and while rejuvenated fights the Detective in hopes he will die and Bruce will take his place. uUtimately he fails and Batman takes a sample of his blood needed for a cure.

Later after confronting Hugo Strange about his plans while Strange claims he's one he is impaled but Ra's blade, to which he reveals it was his plan all along and he offered Strange a chance to surpass Batman which he ultimately failed at. Strange with his dying words activates Protocol 11, destroying Wonder Tower sending Batman and Ra's into the air outside plummeting to the ground, and while they fight in the air Batman pushes Ra's away to which he lands on the Arkham City entrance gate, and is impaled and dies.

Upon returning at a later point, his body is nowhere to be found...


Nearly immortal thanks to his Lazarus Pits


Genius intellect and strategist, Superb Hand-to-hand combatant

Commands League of Shadows



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