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Quote1.png Even now, you look at me like your father did. As some psychopath to be locked in a cage. The same as his Riddler or the clown. But the ground you stand on is proof that it was I who was the hero. This is the world I sought to deny, Damian. Why did you turn my dream to ash? Quote2.png
Ra's al Ghul src

In the future, Ra's al Ghul severed ties with his grandson, Damian, due to him being next in line to be Batman.[1]

Years later, the president of the United States of America dropped a nuclear bomb on Gotham City, turning the world into a nuclear wasteland. He was able to survive, but was physically affected by the radiation. One Christmas, Ra's attacked his grandson, blaming him for the destruction of the world. Midway through their fight, Damian didn't want to kill him and allowed him to assault him. Once Ra's calmed down, the two spent the holiday together.[2]





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