Ra's al Ghul was the head of the League of Assassins and the grandfather of Damian Wayne.

Ra's al Ghul was an eco-terrorist who wanted to wipe out humanity for destroying nature. This led him to coming in conflict with Bruce Wayne, the vigilante known as Batman. He had kept himself alive for a very long time because of the Lazarus Pits and had fathered a daughter named Talia al Ghul. Talia would eventually sire a son named Damian with Bruce and prepared him to succeed his grandfather, but he instead joined Batman's cause.[1]

After Bruce Wayne retired as Batman, Ra's al Ghul once again brought the League of Assassins to Gotham City, trying to capitalize on the fact that the vigilante wasn't there anymore. He upgraded the League with advanced weaponry and Damian Wayne decided to don the X-7 Batsuit to fight them, despite Bruce's warning that it will push him over the edge. Ra's lost most of his army,[2] but Damian had come to realize that Bruce's vision was too narrow while that of Ra's was correct.[1]

Ra's prepared his grandson to take his place, since he had realized that Lazarus Pits could no longer keep him alive since he had used them very frequently. He had predicted that Brother Eye, the artificial intelligence Bruce Wayne had created to protect Gotham and the world, would go berserk against humanity as it would start thinking that humans are parasites endangering the survival of the planet. He decided to upgrade the League of Assassins alongside Damian and hide their base from the forces of Brother Eye.[1]

Damian initially had still held out hope for humanity, trying to convince Ra's that it was still worth saving but failed. Zeh-ro however whole-heartedly agreed with his master about eradicating humanity and convinced him to increased funds for his construction of space-vessels that will house members of the League for centuries, after Earth's ecosystem is restored with an ice age created by them.[3]


  • Lazarus Enhancement (Formerly): Ra's al Ghul survived for several centuries due to his use of Lazarus Pits which he has used countless times to rejuvenate his body into a younger and healthier one. The pits however stopped working on him due to his body becoming resistant with repeated use.[1]
    • Immortality (Formerly): The use of the Lazarus pits kept Ra's al Ghul alive endlessly. However, this ewsulted in his body becoming eventually resistant to its effect and Ra's succumbing to his old age.[3]




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