Ra's al Ghul was the founder and leader of the League of Assassins whose ultimate goal was to create a new world purged of corruption through the death of whomever he deemed necessary to lead by himself and his organization. Ra's plans were constantly thwarted by Batman, whom he only ever referred to as "Detective". Ra's also wished for Batman to become his eventual successor and marry his daughter, Talia al Ghul.

At one point, Ra's considered Slade Wilson to become his successor and lead the League of Assassins, but he believed that Slade had failed the tests that he presented to him and had him excommunicated. During Ra's feud with Batman, Talia bore a son named Damian Wayne who was the biological son of his mortal enemy, Batman.

When Damian was ten years old, Ra's' base of operations was attacked by Slade and his mercenaries. After a prolonged battle, Ra's was set alight by Slade. With his body badly damaged by the flames, Damian attempted to place Ra's in the Lazarus Pit in order to revive him, but was told by Talia that it was beyond the pit's capabilities. On the body of Ra's, Damian swore revenge against Slade for his grandfather's murder.


  • Lazarus Enhancement: Ra's possessed access to a Lazarus Pit, which he was able to use to come back from death and heal himself. His usage of the pit may have also enhanced his physical attributes.[1]
    • Longevity: So long as he continued to use the Lazarus Pit, Ra's did not age.[1]




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