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Shade, the Changing Man was an ally of Madame Xanadu and the Justice League Dark.

When his lover Kathy died, Rac Shade was tormented to near-madness. He created a simulacrum of her using the power of the M-Vest, which was a relic of his origin on the world of Meta. He agreed to join the Justice League Dark at Madame Xanadu's request after the Enchantress broke away from June Moone, and played a crucial role in the Justice League Dark's fight agains resurgent occult powers. At the same time, he fought an internal struggle with a malfunctioning M-Vest, which gave him visions of a deformed Kathy. The combination of the M-Vest's overwhelming powers and his grief resulted in a mental breakdown that led to him leaving the team.

Drawn into the Area of Madness by the M-Vest, Shade reunited with the Kathy simulacrum and told her he would not be returning to the team because the coming changes would leave him without a place among them.[1]


  • Poetry: On his homeworld of Meta, Rac Shade was a famous, published poet, having inspired Loma Shade with his writings and tales of his adventures.[2]




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