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Rachel Begai was a traveling companion of Lucifer.

Rachel Begai is a young girl with navajo roots who lived a normal life along with his father and brother, until an old god started granting velleities to everyone, and she ended up killing her brother Paul.[1]

She travelled with Lucifer to find the old god who was granting the velleities, in hopes to revive her brother, but she missed her opportunity and the god was slain. She swore revenge against Lucifer for using her to achieve his goals, instead of helping her revive her brother.[2]

Rachel went to live with her grandfather, Sam, after that to learn about her blood and magic. Again crossed roads with Lucifer when she was charged with being midwife to Jill Presto, and the newborn Noema brought Elaine and Lucifer from the end of reality, to end the fallen angel.[3] They made a truce to avoid the end of all realities, and left Rachel with her grandfather.

After the realities were saved, Rachel was called by the Morningstar once more time, to take care of Lux, now that he was leaving reality. Also Elaine called to her, to have an all-girls night out, before she filled creation with her essence. As a thank-you gift before parting, Elaine told Rachel to say 'hi' to her brother Paul, implying that she recreated him back.[4]