Early Life

Rachel Davenport became a Hollywood star, after starring on a medical drama.[2]

Season Seven

In 2007, Rachel was cast as the female lead of a film adaptation of the Warrior Angel comic book series. A role she had taken for the money, but things became serious during filming. The character she was playing died in the comic book version, but it had gotten out that the film version would have the character survive. A change that enraged the fan community, including a member of the film crew. As a result, the crew member began trying to kill Rachel, in an insane attempt to keep the film true to the source material.[2]

One attempt almost succeeded, but Rachel was saved by Clark Kent. After he learned about the threats to her life, Clark let her stay and the Kent Farm to stay safe and saved her from the next attempt, where a prop gun had been loaded with a real bullet. After her would-be-assassin was apprehended, Rachel gave Clark a red cape, a prop from the film, to thank him.[2]

Season Eleven

In 2011, Rachel became pregnant had gave birth to a baby.[1]




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