Rachel Dodds is a friend of the mystic Simon Dark.

Rachel Dodds and her father moved to Gotham Village from the town of Reston. As they were carrying boxes into their new apartment, the mysterious Simon Dark stole a copy of Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination from one of her boxes, leaving behind a dollar bill as payment. Simon later felt guilty for stealing the book and returned to her apartment to give it back. Entering through Rachel's window, he found that the serial killer known as Eddie the Machete had broken into their home and was attacking her. Simon fought with Eddie, saving Rachel's life.


  • Indomitable Will: While possessed by a demon Rachel was able to fight off the possession to allow herself to be bound and remain inert until her father and friend Beth's lives were threatened by Victor, at which point she used the demon to easily tear through her bonds and cut the undead cultist almost in half.
  • Occultism: Rachel has aided Simon Dark in reading and performing magic rituals.



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