Rachel Dunleavy was the mother of Lionel Luthor's extramarital son, Lucas.

In the 1980's Rachel Dunleavy was hired by Lionel Luthor, to serve as a nurse for his wife, Lillian. In 1984, Rachel slept with Lionel, which resulted in her giving birth to a son named Lucas in 1985.[1] However, as Rachel proved herself unstable, Lionel had no choice but to have her committed and her son put up for adoption.[2]

Rachel was released seven years later and began searching for her son. However, she didn't get anywhere until 2002, when Chloe Sullivan investigated Clark Kent's adoption and made contact with Rachel through an adoption website. As Clark's adoption had been handled by the same organization as her son, Rachel became convinced that Clark Kent was Lucas, despite Clark being two years too young.[2][1][3][4] Rachel traveled to Smallville, where she began harassing Clark and his family. Rachel managed to get Judge Ross to agree to have Clark submitted to a DNA test, to clear the matter up.[2]

However, when the result came back, proving that Clark wasn't her son, Rachel refused to believe it. She kidnapped Lex Luthor and threatened to kill him, unless Lionel publicly admitted that Clark was their son. When Lionel refused, Rachel tried to kill Lex with an axe, but was stopped by Clark. The axe broke against Clark's body, making Rachel realize that Clark wasn't her son, which made her break down. Rachel was sent to an institution again.[2]




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