Born of a German mother, Azaria and a Mountain Spirit father, Das Trigon, Rachel Roth was brought up in a small village in the Alps. Her grandfather taught her how to control her supernatural powers by controlling her emotions. But as soon as the Joker's Daughter heard of her existence, she attacked the village with Killer Frost, killing everyone in the village, including Rachel's mother and grandfather. Joker's Daughter kidnapped Rachel, trying to make her into her successor, before putting her into a magical sleep and burying her under the cabaret.

Year Two (1941)

Raven was mind-controlled by Joker's Daughter and the Nazis as they tried to thwart the uprising of the Bombshells and German refugees. She was able to escape their control, however, with the help of Zatanna Zatara and Miri Marvel. Raven decided to stay with the rest of the Bombshells and German refugees in Atlantis, under the protection of Queen Mera.

Year Three (1942)

During her months in Atlantis, Raven has been having visions of her father becoming a monster. She decides to leave to find him and help him. But Zatanna advises against it, worried that the visions might be more trickery from Joker's Daughter. After overhearing that Harley Quinn and Pamela Ysley are leaving to help with the famine in Russia, Raven stows away with their luggage. She leaves behind a clone of herself to distract Zatanna so that she doesn't worry.

While traveling over Teberda, Russia, the girls unexpectedly come under attack by a group of mythological creatures that have been captured and trained to work for Captain Cold. Raven finds her father among them. Suddenly, an airplane crashes in the woods which gives Cold and his creatures time to escape. Raven, Harley, and Pamela find Lois Lane and Andrea Gruenwald among the wreckage. Lois explains to them that Killer Frost was taking them to find Dr. Hugo Strange, the man who hurt her mother, but she escaped by sabotaging the plane. Feeling sympathy for Lois, Raven offers to help her get her vengeance.

Raven transports the entire group to Leningrad (St. Petersburg), which greatly weakens her. But she is able to put one final spell on everyone by making it impossible for their enemies to see them.

During the Siege of Leningrad, Raven comes face to face with her father, Trigon. She creates a pocket dimension to speak with him. Her father reveals that it is because he joined General Faora's cause out of his own free will. He explains that, though he was a monster, Azaria's influence made him more human. After she died, Trigon felt there was no reason to care about anyone or anything else. Raven is enraged by this news, and fights him until she remembers her connection to Zatanna and John.

Raven continues to help the Allied Forces by helping Supergirl stop General Faora. Faora beats her to the ground and is about to kill her when Zatanna and Constantine suddenly arrive to distract her. Raven is able to escape Faora's grasp with the help of Fawkes and Trigon grabs Faora from behind. Faora uses her heat-vision on Trigon, killing him. Shocked by this sudden turn of events, Raven allows her rage to consume her.

General Faora takes advantage of Raven's anger and takes a sample of her blood to transform herself into Doomsday. Supergirl asks Raven, Zatanna, and Constantine to use their magic to assist in the defeat of General Faora.

After the battle is won, Raven buries her father under a tree and embraces both Zatanna and Constantine as her family.

Year Six (1945)

Raven is briefly seen arriving in New York City, with Zatanna and John Constantine during the invasion of Apokolips.


Raven is now a member of the newly formed Justice League Dark, lead by Zatanna.


  • Unique Physiology: As the daughter of a Mountain Spirit, Raven has a host of unique abilities.
    • Teleportation: Raven is able to teleport herself and others to different locations.
    • Darkness Manipulation: Raven can generate darkness from herself and project it forward to attack her enemies. This darkness normally takes the form of a giant raven.



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