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Rachel Roth is a member of the Titans with dark magic powers.

Her strong personal motivations and desire to see good conflict with her heritage, as her father is a powerful demon named Trigon who wants to enslave the planet. Her mother is a human woman named Angela Azarath who was living on Earth at the time of conception. After her adoptive mother was killed by an arcane agent in Traverse City, she sought the help of Dick Grayson.

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  • Human/Demon Physiology: As the daughter of a demon and a human, Rachel has a host of unique abilities.
    • Magic: Due to her demonic and mystical heritage, Raven can generate and control magical and mystical forces at will.
    • Soul-Self: Rachel can manifest her "Soul-Self" through astral projection.
    • Astral Projection: Through the use of her soul-self, Rachel can project her consciousness into the mind.
      • Psychic Link: By using her empathic-based powers, Rachel can enter another person's mind allowing her to see, feel and hear what they encounter.
    • Darkness Manipulation: Raven can generate darkness from herself and project it forward to attack her enemies.
    • Portal Creation
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Resurrection
    • Retrocognition
    • Healing
    • Empathy: Psionic ability of empathy, the power to absorb emotions, enabling her to feel the feelings of others.
    • Telepathy
    • Telekinesis: Rachel has the ability to move objects with mind.
    • Disintegration
    • Flight: Rachel can levitate off the ground and fly, without visible projection of her dark energy as is shown when she utilizes telekinesis.




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