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Quote1.png Of course God cares. God has always cared. For this one I am sent to bring mercy. Quote2.png
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Radiant was the divine Spirit of Mercy, an agent of the Presence balancing the Spirit of Vengeance, the Spectre. Her host body is the murdered nun Clarice Coeur.

Radiant was first seen during Final Crisis, saving Renee Montoya (the Question) from a disgruntled Spectre. Spectre, angered that God forced him to kill his own son but spared Question and Libra from his wrath, attacked Radiant but she was able to hold off against him. After an argument, they were attacked by minions of Darkseid and found out that they could not release them from the Anti-Life Equation. They fled and took shelter along with other survivors in a nearby church. There, Radiant saw the men who killed her and her own faith began to falter.

The church was then attacked by Vandal Savage reborn as Cain, who held an ancient grudge against the Spectre for branding him. Cain used the Spear of Destiny to separate Spectre from his host, Crispus Allen, and used him to subjugate the world for Darkseid. Radiant, with some help from Question and Huntress, was able to protect the people inside the church.

She revealed that, because free will was God's greatest gift to man, it must be man, not heavenly beings, who would decide the battle for mankind's survival. Question understood that. She and Huntress attacked Cain and tried to take the Spear of Destiny from him. With the help of the three men, who sacrificed their lives and thus earned Radiant's forgiveness, Question managed to wrestle the Spear from Cain, purify it, and the gave it to the Spectre who undid everything Cain had done and banished him away.

Following that, Radiant appeared to have retreated back to limbo along with the Spectre. Later still, with the Spectre, Radiant attempted to offset the arrival of Mandrakk the Dark Monitor but was defeated and sucked dry of power.


  • Nigh-Omnipotence: While the full extents of the Radiant's powers have not been displayed, as an aspect of divine power, it can be assumed that her strength is comparable to the Spectre and she can act omnipotently within the bounds of delivering mercy.



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