Raelene Sharp, alias Razorsharp, was a member of a group of data-pirates known as the Psyba-Rats along with Megabiter, Hackrat, and Channel.


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One job, involving a Wayne Enterprises satellite, went wrong when her group attracted the attention of Robin. Their client, the shadowy information-broker known as "The Collector", not wanting to draw the attention of the Boy Wonder, decided it would be best to have the Psyba-Rats killed. He managed to kill Megabiter, but the other rats escaped into a warehouse.

Unfortunately, this warehouse happened to be occupied by the monstrous alien Venev. Both the Psyba-Rats and the Collector's men are ambushed by the monster, and the Psyba-Rats are the only survivors, however, both Razorsharp and Channel were fed upon by Venev.

Both Rae and Channel had their latent Metagene activated as result of this, with Raelene gaining the ability to transform her arms into large blades fitting of her alias.

In retaliation for the death of Megabiter, the rats, with the help of Robin, launched an attack on the Collector. Robin urged Raelene not to murder the Collector. When the confrontation with the villainous broker occurred, Razorsharp made a choice to save Robin rather than enact her deadly vengeance.

Blood Pack

Razorsharp, along with several other New Bloods was a founding member of the super-team Blood Pack. This membership was ultimately short lived, and she returned to her original team, the Psyba-Rats.


Afterwards, Rae acted as the leader of the Psyba-Rats in many adventures, such as their continued quest for revenge against the Collector, and had clashes with Catwoman[1], and with Young Justice.[2]

Infinite Crisis

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During the massive battle in Metropolis, Rae teamed up with several other former Blood Pack members in an attempt to take down Solomon Grundy. Unfortunately, both the team and Grundy were incinerated by Superboy-Prime.[3]

Blackest Night

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Razorsharp was resurrected as a member of the Black Lantern Corps during the events of Blackest Night. She and the other fallen Blood Pack members attacked Superboy-Prime under the leadership of the Black Lantern Alex Luthor.[4]


  • Metamorphosis: Raelene can change her hands into large razor blades.





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