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Rafael Sandoval was a councilman in Dos Rios and the vigilante El Diablo, ridding the city of criminals he could not take down as a councilman.[1]

Early career

Rafael Sandoval was a rookie member of the city council in Dos Rios, Texas who created a crimefighting alter ego when stymied trying to pursue the case of a serial insurance arsonist via official channels. He became El Diablo, an idea based on an old boxing persona, and local legends surrounding the Devil.

His subsequent efforts in the Texas area involved battles with illicit drug smugglers using maquiladora covers for their activities, a hunt for a serial killer, and conflicts with human-smuggling operations. He often struggled with his conscience over how best to serve the people of Dos Rios.

Justice League

Sandoval has appeared several times in contact with the Justice League, most notably he was once possessed by the spirit of an Aztec god-emperor. More recently, he was pulled out of retirement by Oracle to skirmish against the escaping supervillains unleashed by The Society worldwide. He was nearly killed by "Deuce" Canyard, the Jack of the Royal Flush Gang during a battle at Enclave M in Mexico's Sonora Valley. The warden of the facility saved El Diablo from death by shooting the villain in the chest with a sniper rifle. Afterwards, the warden's throat was immediately slit by a flying card.[2]



  • Kevlar vest


  • Customized motorcycle

  • Sandoval was one of the minor heroes the Great Carlini believed to be expendable that was sent to try and save the Lobo series from becoming too violent. He was killed by Lobo, along with several other characters pulled from Comic Limbo, in a barroom brawl.[4] Due to the highly meta nature of the storyline and the fact almost all of the deceased characters appeared again in mainstream continuity, these deaths do not appear to be canon. Sandoval returned alive during Infinite Crisis.[2]