Rafael Santini was a mobster and one of The Penguin's greatest rivals.

For a while, he was also allegedly the head of Gotham's crime families. When The Penguin seemingly died from a heart attack working out in the prison gym, it was a jubilant Santini attended his funeral, unaware that The Penguin had Mortimer Kadaver fake his death as a way to escape prison and further carry out his criminal activities. Santini also attended Penguin's wake at the Ritz Hotel, donating five thousand dollars to the preservation of penguins, laughing that it was worth it to know that The Penguin wouldn't be bothering him anymore.

Later, Santini was shown to have cut a five million-dollar drug deal with The Ventriloquist for a shipment of cocaine, smuggled into Gotham City disguised as packets of chili. However, The Penguin sabotaged the deal, flying a plane loaded with explosives directly into the meeting place, causing Santini and The Ventriloquist's goons to suspect each other of a double-cross. Drawing his gun, Santini and his men shot down the plane with bullets, only to have it explode in their faces. Santini was blown off the loading dock and into a wall. The Penguin and his goons then stole the money from the deal from the loading dock, leaving Batman to discover the scene mere moments later. Batman found several packets of cocaine near Santini's outstretched hand and recognizing him, contemplated on who might have double-crossed who. Later, a doctor examined the bodies strewn along the loading dock and told Batman two were dead, and two were critically injured. It is not known if Santini was among these or if he survived.[1]


Santini has no special abilities, and although a clumsy criminal, is physically large and strong-looking for his build. He is always armed with a pistol, hidden in his left inner suit pocket.



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