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Ragamuffin is a living doll, and was a villain before World War II.

She was captured by the United States government and kept in the virtual prison created by the Number of the Beast program. While she was preserved, one of the program's scientist developed a unhealthy (and unnatural) affection for Ragamuffin.[1]

After Armageddon, she reformed and joined the Paladins. When the Paladins saved Gen13, Ragamuffin provided the team with new costumes for each of them that she created.[2] She was later ripped to shreds by Gen14's raid on Palatine Hill. Following the defeat of the remnants of the U.S. Army lead by a overzealous Colonel Darling, Ragamuffin was brought along on both Gen13 and Gen14's journey while being sewn back together.[3]


  • Living Doll: Despite her unknown origin, Ragamuffin is literally a doll with sentience.
    • Contortionism: Because of her inhuman anatomy, Ragamuffin can bend and flex in ways baseline humans cannot.
    • Immortality: Though her body can be taken apart, repairing it should presumably restore her to life.


  • Tailor: Ragamuffin was skilled enough to create new costumes for the new Gen13. [4]
  • Mechanical Aptitude: Ragamuffin created a functioning prosthesis for Urumi. [4]