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"Tattered Remnants": When Rory Regan had conflicting thoughts and issues regarding the Ragman suit as well as it's past wearers he came to a Rabbi to help him figure it all out. When the questions became too personal he decided to show the Rabbi that he was the Ragman, not a rumor and he could s

Quote1 As I searched through decades of Dad's junk for anything that could help me, I stumbled on an old box. No...no, that's wrong. It makes it sound accidental and I've seen too much to believe this was an accident. Quote2

Ragman: Suit of Souls #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of December, 2010.

Synopsis for "Tattered Remnants"

When Rory Regan had conflicting thoughts and issues regarding the Ragman suit as well as it's past wearers he came to a Rabbi to help him figure it all out. When the questions became too personal he decided to show the Rabbi that he was the Ragman, not a rumor and he could speak more honestly now. But the Rabbi wasn't without questions about the suit itself. Ragman explained what was rumor and what wasn't; about his father as well as a "long and complicated story." The Rabbi was enlightened and asked if Rory would explain it in full length and so began their relationship. Rory tells the Rabbi about what Rabbi Loew created to help the Jews, he spoke of the Golem but it was too strong and unstoppable so a new protector was to be created. Instead of one Rabbi a council was created and with their prayers they created the Ragman suit but a worthy candidate had to be chosen to control the suit and it's inhabitants. Rory explained how the suit had been passed from generation to generation whenever and wherever Jewish Communities or it's people needed help. (Citing examples of 1604, 1793, 1882 and 1942) Showing that Ragman had been present for over 400 years even going against warlocks, magicians, scientists or teaming with western heroes like Jonah Hex. When Hitler rose to power Ragman was needed more than ever and that's when Rabbi Liebowitz had chosen Rory's father Gerry to be the new Ragman. And protect Ragman did against this holocaust but it was too little too late when the Warsaw Ghetto saw it's first and final rebellion. Instead of systematic killing the Nazi decided to set fire to the whole compound and shoot whomever came out alive from the blaze. One of the suit's weaknesses and it's main one is of fire and Ragman was held powerless. He saved who he could but hundreds remained who needed saving and Gerry tried as hard as he could to save them without risking the thousands of souls trapped within the suit. The souls themselves rallied against the will of it's wearer and fled the Warsaw Ghetto leaving Rory to believe that his father had been a coward. This was a long conflicting issue with Rory as his father had died and he couldn't ask him anymore, even when his father was alive he wasn't allowed to ask about Ragman or any of the rumors associated with his father. After the events during the Holocaust his father left to the United States and specifically to Gotham City in a Polish Community to raise his new son. Rory grew up he often wondered what religion he belonged to and what his family's history was, he had never seen any of his family nor any of traditions. When he was 16 his father told him he was Jewish but it didn't matter he was American now and he dealt with his God his own way not how he used to when he was a practicing Jew. Despondent, Rory graduated and joined the army; got married and divorced and eventually came back to where he started living with his father and working in his father's shop. One day gangsters came to the store demanding that they use it as a front to sell drugs and his father kicked them out but they came back. They killed his father and sliced Rory up. Rory would have died had a homeless woman not found him and took him to the hospital, this woman was a friend of Rory's fathers and he had helped her once upon a time and this was her repaying that favor. When Rory came back to the store the dealers were there. He crawled in that night and rummaged through his father's belongings looking for something to help him remove the gangsters from their place and he or rather the suit found him. He became Ragman and decided to use his new found powers first to extinguish the gangsters from his and his father's dwelling. Rory continued to explain the suit's powers and attributes to the Rabbi as well as his current life as the Ragman (associated with other magical heroes). So once the story was concluded he asked the Rabbi if his father was so proud and wasn't ashamed of being a junk man or helping out little people then why be ashamed of being Jewish? The Rabbi told Rory that instead of wondering on that point or seeking out a therapist maybe he should look to the suit itself, surely the souls that dwell within it could provide answers being as they were there during Gerry's time in the suit. So Rory did just that and spoke inwardly inside the suit to one of it's members that had known Gerry. This man was Jaegar Brandt, a Nazi who had been part of the Ghetto Warsaw Uprising. He started to talk about why he was in the suit but Rory reminded him that he should stick to speaking about his father and so he did. He explained what Rory knew had happened that night but he further explained how the suit itself had rallied against Gerry and Gerry had wanted to stay and save those people. Gerry never knew the suit could do that and had deemed himself unworthy to become Ragman from that day forward. His fear had conquered him and he moved to America to escape the reminders in Europe. He had put aside his religion and his past all to spare his family of antisemitism. Jaegar explained that Gerry had not been ashamed to call himself a Jew, he didn't feel worthy. That day Rory knew that Gerry had stopped being Ragman for a reason but he never stopped being a hero to help those in his community that needed human help.

Appearing in "Tattered Remnants"

Featured Characters:

  • Ragman
  • Unnamed Rabbi of Gotham City

Supporting Characters:

  • Jaegar Brandt (Soul in the Ragman Suit, only appearance)
  • Gerry Regan (Flashback only)


  • Aunt Mabel and Uncle Stu (Flashback only)
  • Hitler (Flashback only)
  • Nazi (Flashback only)

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