Ragnar was the son of Nol, King of Betrassus.

He longed to be a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Hoping that this dream might become reality, he devised a plan to kill several other strong-willed individuals he felt might be good Green Lantern candidates in his sector, including his own brother Stentar. He then went after his sector's current Green Lanterns, Myrrt and Soranik Natu. His plan appeared to have succeeded, as Myrrt was killed and Natu appeared to be dead, and a power ring arrived on Betrassus to take him to Oa to be inducted into the Corps and trained.

However, Lantern Guy Gardner and Natu, who had escaped death, had learned the truth. Instead of becoming a new Green Lantern, Ragnar had instead been lured into a trap. Salakk informed Gardner and Natu that because of the diplomatic immunity granted by his royal status, he could not be held prisoner on Oa. Natu took him back to his homeworld, where Ragnar's father had him executed, but not before tearfully watching Natu give the ring he desired to his sister, Iolande.


  • Buzz Sword: A cross between a sword and chainsaw, with apparent energy capabilities as well. This weapon obviously takes great skill to wield, as evidenced by Iolande's inability to operate her dead brother's weapon.



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