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Raina Creel was the primary foe of Catwoman when she lived in Villa Hermosa.

Raina grew up in poverty. On one occasion, she attempted to steal money from a charity event hosted by the wealthy Johnson family. Instead of punishing the girl, the Johnsons took pity on her and took her in.

Raina was welcomed into their home and treated as one of their own, but this failed to satisfy Raina. Wanting to get her hands on the Johnsons' fortune, she poisoned the children, Emma and Cassie, and framed Mrs. Johnson for their murders, which resulted in her arrest.

Raina then seduced Mr. Johnson and married him, only to later shoot him and stage it to look like a suicide. Raina thus inherited the Johnson fortune, but she still wanted more.

She married Governor of California Edmond Creel, becoming First Lady of California and doubling her wealth, as well as gaining newfound power and influence. She gave birth to two sons, Raymond and Adam.[1]



  • Monstrous Appearance: Due to years of drug abuse and plastic surgeries, Raina's body has deteriorated. Her nose has broken off entirely, she is completely bald, her eyes have lost all color, and she is missing teeth. She wears a blonde wig, facial prosthetics, blue contact lenses and dentures in public.