The Rainbow Raiders were colorful supervillains who followed in the footsteps of Flash villain Rainbow Raider.


After the death of the first Captain Boomerang, a funeral was held that every villain ever to face the Flash attended. Among the large crowd was an eclectic group of metahumans calling themselves the "Rainbow Raiders," in honor of the late Flash villain, the Rainbow Raider. Their sentiments, expressed during the service, seemed to denote that the group is relatively new to the scene, had little exposure, standing, or experience working together.

It was during the Crime Syndicate's second invasion of Earth that the Raiders got to see some heavy action. They attacked the Missoula County, Montana S.T.A.R. Labs facility. Johnny Quick and Power Ring, who were disguised as the Flash and Green Lantern respectively, for an undercover mission, fight the group on the grounds of the facility. The battle goes badly for the two. Nearby civilians, believing that their beloved heroes are in trouble, attack the villains, allowing Power Ring and the Quick time to rally and subdue the group.[1]

During the Blackest Night, the Raiders saw that death was the only victor, and committed mass suicide by drinking poison; since they didn't have any emotional ties with the Earth heroes they did not resurrect as Black Lanterns and stayed dead.

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