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Raker Qarrigat of the Wolsoon Star System is a member of the Green Lantern Corps assigned to the Fourth World planet of Apokolips.

Seeing Darkseid's machinations as a threat, the Guardians of the Universe had sought ways to deal with him. A Manhunter and a previous Green Lantern failed. Raker fought his way to Darkseid. Darkseid mocked him, crushing his hand and ring, then had him sent back to Oa to tell of his failure.

The Corps greatly expanded after Raker's initial mission to Apokolips. He was then sent back with a group of Lanterns that he had drilled for battling in Apokolips.

Darkseid was prepared. He had Desaad study the remains of the destroyed ring. A horde of Parademons were given yellow coatings to limit the effectiveness of the rings. Many of the Lanterns were slain in battle. Those taken as prisoners were tortured, killed, then their bodies were displayed as a warning to those who opposed Darkseid. Cut off from recharging, Raker and the remaining members used Parademon weapons.

Raker was leading a last desperate attack when the Guardians intervened. Darkseid agreed that as long as the Corps did not oppose his rule he would not interfere in their patrolled sectors. Raker was to remain a prisoner on Apokolips, but he was secretly given back his ring and a new Power Battery by his trainee Ash-Pak-Glif. He eventually was able to escape and hide underground, helping the Hunger Dogs when he could.

Until Orion and Kyle Rayner encountered this 'forgotten Green Lantern', he was largely thought of as nothing more than a fairy tale. Raker, too, was unaware of events that had happened. He was shocked to learn of the destruction of the Corps and Oa. He helped Rayner and Orion escape.[1]




  • The purpose of Raker Qarrigat is anachronical. Cosmic Odyssey Vol 1 1 mentions that the Green Lanterns were never able to travel to Apokolips because it is located in another dimension; Raker origin claims that the Guardians knew how to reach Apokolips since the time when the Manhunters were their minions.



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