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Quote1.png That's fine for gardening, kid... but you can't fight crooks with daffodils. Next! Quote2.png
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Ral Benem aka Chlorophyll Kid hails from the planet Mardru, and member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

When he was young accidentally fell into a tank of hydroponic serum which gave him the power to stimulate plant growth. He can grow seeds into full grown plants in a second. Chlorophyll Kid can also direct the growth of vines so that they wrap around a person.

He has also claimed that he can talk to plants. Chlorophyll Kid possesses an extensive knowledge regarding botany. Chlorophyll Kid carries a variety of seeds in his costume for various uses. Like many young Metahumans of the era he tries out for the Legion of Super-Heroes, but is rejected when the Legion decides that his power would not be useful on missions. The team prove themselves heroes and allow to function along side the Legion.[1]

Along with several other failed applicants, he helps form the Legion of Substitute Heroes. The numbers of the team dwindled after they were attacked by the xenophobic Justice League of Earth who wish to rid the Earth of aliens. The team now only consists of himself, Stone Boy, Rainbow Girl and Fire Lad. Over time like many other subs his powers develops further and during the battles against the renegade Justice League of Earth he is shown to have much greater control over his Chlorokinesis. In a fight with Storm Boy he successfully takes him down.[2]


  • Chlorokinesis: After the accident he is to be able to mold and weave plants to his liking. He can sprout roots from the ground to ensnare criminals or wrap oak tree bark around himself in defense. He can grow plant monsters and control them to whatever extent he wishes. Over time his powers have increased and now he has greater control over his powers. His hands now take on a plant-like appearance when he uses his powers.


  • Botany: Expertise in botany. He specializes in forming normal seeds and plants into monsters and advanced plant life.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): As a cadet, all potential members of the Legion undergo personal combat training.


  • Limited Plant Control: At first Ral had no control over his powers, once he made a plant grow he could not stop it. His powers later developed passed this defect.
  • Physical Fitness: Ral has always had trouble with his weight, which fluctuates over time. His appearance along with his powers made him appear comical. Overtime he developed a strict regiment of exercise and diet so now he is an effective hero.


  • Bag of Seeds: Ral carries a bag of seeds of various plants. Thanks to his knowledge he has some of the most dangerous plants alien plants, vines other such flora.

  • Chlorophyll Kid appears in the one-shot Legion of Substitute Heroes comic book, where he is portrayed in a more comical fashion. Chlorophyll Kid is shown to have put on much weight.



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