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Quote1 But then I visited a friend of mine. And he helped me remember that no one is fearless. But real heroes, they find a way to rise above that fear and make a difference anyway. Even if it kills them in the process. So, this is me, rising up. Hopefully without the dying part. Now let my friends go. Quote2
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Ralph Dibny was a private investigator given stretching powers after being hit by dark matter. As the Elongated Man, he became an ally of the Flash.


Ralph Dibny was among those who had lost their lives as a result of the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs.[4]


Approximately one year before Barry Allen became the Flash Ralph was a Police Officer who came into conflict with, and was later fired from, the CCPD after Barry discovered he was falsifying evidence and committing perjury in a murder case. After leaving the CCPD Ralph started his own Private Investigation business.

In the new continuity, which was born after the Flashpoint, Ralph Dibny never died in the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator explosion.

Years later, after Barry had returned from the Speed Force after his defeat of Savitar, Barry and Joe West came into conflict with Ralph once more after it was discovered that Ralph was on the Bus with eleven others who had gained powers from Dark Matter Energy released from Barry's return. After speaking with Ralph and discovering he had made over a dozen phone calls to the Mayor Barry and Joe speak with the Mayor who states that Ralph was calling him to try and blackmail money from the Mayor in exchange for giving the Mayor photos he had taken for his P.I. job of the Mayor being unfaithful to his wife, however, the Mayor decides that he wants Ralph dead instead. Later, after Breacher comes after Ralph, believing him to be Plastoid, the destroyer of Earth-19, and after discovering the Mayor wants to kill Ralph, Barry, Cisco, and Joe come to Ralph's defense and successfully save him. Afterwards, Barry returns to Ralph's office asking Ralph to join them at S.T.A.R. Labs where they will study him and Barry will also train him to use his powers, which Ralph agrees to. While there Barry asks Ralph why he was investigating the Mayor in the first place, to which Ralph states he received a phone call from someone asking him to, after Barry asks who it was, Ralph states that the man only ever gave his last name, DeVoe.

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  • Elasticity: after Dark Matter released from the Speed Force from Barry's return hit him and eleven others on a bus, the Dark Matter Polymerized with his cells, causing his cells to become much more elastic, allowing him to stretch incredible distances. While his maximum Elasticity is currently unknown, it is known that he is at least able to stretch his arm far enough to grab onto the skids of a Helicopter while it was flying high above Central City.
    • Metamorphosis: Dibny can alter his molecular structure and physically transform his appearance to look like any other person as long as he has the person in mind and concentrates fully. Dibny's voice will also change to match the person's. Occasionally, motor skills have to be re-learned in the new form and the form will also deteriorate over time as it taxes Dibny's full mental capacity.[5]
    • Superhuman Durability: Ralph has shown Superhuman Durability on multiple occasions. His skin is shown able to capture a bullet shot at him from a close range and allow him to eject it from his nose, all with no damage to Ralph. His skin is also able to capture a punch from Barry with no damage and is durable enough to allow Barry to run up his outstretched arm from ground level into an airborne helicopter, without catching Barry's foot in the process.


  • Investigation: Due to being a former Police Officer and a Private Investigator, Ralph is highly skilled in Investigation.



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