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Mister 104 (real name Rama) was a humble and gentle man who has the ability to control the elements of the periodic table at will. Originally, Rama served the deity Immortus to reverse his condition, but seeing that he would be a threat to the universe, he reformed and became an ally of the Doom Patrol.

Life as Prisoner

Rama Doom Patrol TV Series 001

Forced to harm people

Born in 1928 in Tamil Nadu, India, Rama traveled to London to complete his studies in physical physiology, especially organic chemistry, and at some point, thanks to his experiments, Rama acquired the power of the 104 elements on the periodic table, taking the name "Mister 104", but to his bad luck, Rama ended up arrested by the agency against weirdness, the Bureau of Normalcy. Living as a prisoner in the Ant Farm, Rama was tortured by the scientist in charge, Charles Forsythe, who forced him into atrocities as a weapon, causing Rama to test his powers to take oxygen away from people, which disturbed his unhappy life.

After a major prisoner break, Rama was recruited by the vampire of emotions, Doctor Janus, who convinced him to join a cult to revive the ancient interdimensional deity, Immortus, who could change his horrible past, sacrificing something important to bring back returned to her idol, though Rama refused to hurt people for Immortus. Rama also met the cult's leader, Wally Sage, who was also a prisoner of the Ant Farm like Janus and they established an outer lair in the Orqwith realm.[1][4]

Rise of Immortus

Gertrude Cramp Doom Patrol TV Series 008

The Periodic Table?

In 2022, Rama and Janus teamed up to steal the longevity of Rita Farr, a woman with elastic powers, who was experimented with the power of Immortus, and lured her into a supposed film retrospective to steal her emotions of love, terror, and bravery. In the film Secret Rendezvous, Rama pretended to be the character Oliver Truman to meet Larry Trainor, a radioactive individual in bandages and Rita's best friend, to whom he lied about being locked up by Janus, offering his help while taking an interest in Larry. After helping the Rita and Larry's friends, Rama led the team with Rita in the film Spartacus452, revealing his alliance with Janus and using his power to create a fire pit.

Rama saw how Rita acted bravely, causing her last emotion to be placed in her necklace, so Janus took the necklace, leaving Rita and the team on the verge of death, but Rama tried to save Rita until Keeg, Larry's alien son, came to the team's rescue, though Rama ended up merging with Keeg, disappearing in front of Larry. Unable to control Keeg, Rama began to go berserk, before finding Larry passed out in the woods, taking him to his cabin, where he fired lightning at Larry due to his uncontrollable fusion with Keeg, causing them both to pass out. Thanks to Keeg, Rama traveled to Larry's memories, discovering that he was also a victim of the Ant-Farm when he was without his protective bandages, so he turned his skin into lead to calm him down, sharing romantic looks.[2][1]

Rama Doom Patrol TV Series 002

A New Love

Upon awakening, Rama understood Larry's pain as he talked about how he joined Immortus to change his past and improve his condition, but Larry offered to heal him, something Rama agreed to, returning Keeg to him, causing Rama and Larry to form a friendly/loving relationship. Before continuing to talk to Larry, Rama saw him being taken to Orqwith, deciding to follow him to save him from the Scissormen, telling him how Immortus will change everyone's lives if he manages to rise up, including preventing the separation between Larry and Keeg. Rama joined hands with Larry for his promise to cure him and agreed to help him stop Immortus from the apocalypse, opening a portal to the Doom Manor.[1][4]

Rama Doom Patrol TV Series 003

"No shame believining in miracles."

Inside the manor, Rama and Larry reunited with Cliff Steele, a robotic friend/teammate of Larry's, who was still upset because he almost killed them, although Larry revealed their alliance and Rama talked to his friend about their possible relationship before warning Cliff that he was in danger for being the last target of the Immortus cult, before Keeg returned Larry to Orqwith, worrying Rama, who tried to help Larry, but Keeg caused Rama's molecules to break down, turning him into a formless being. With Larry's radioactivity, Rama recovered, returning to his original form and sharing a romantic moment with Larry, who lost his longevity to Immortus, stating that he felt no hope in being with Keeg, however, Rama told him not to be ashamed in believe in miracles, advising him to enjoy the little that remains of his life, encouraging him to go to his parade in honor of the team.[4][5]

Facing his Instability

Lawrence Trainor Doom Patrol TV Series 020

Elements of Love

During his stay at the Doom Manor, Rama and the Doom Patrol, a team of strange and powerful superheroes, were transported to a musical reality called Immortimas due to the power of Immortus, who was revived thanks to the defunct cult, possessing the body of the arrogant and self-centered actress, Isabel Feathers. After discovering the truth about Immortimas, Rama debates with Larry about staying since they could be together without endangering humanity, showing that his instability had disappeared, starting a relationship together and sharing their first kiss. During dinner with Isabel, the Doom Patrol refuses to continue living in her false reality, inspiring Rama and Larry to confront their fate, managing to escape, but with the warning of Isabel, who predicted that Rama will explode.[3]

Lawrence Trainor Doom Patrol TV Series 023

Saved by his true love

As his instability became increasingly worse, Rama decided to leave the manor to return to Tamil Nadu, where he would hire a boat to swim one last time in the Bay of Bengal to become a lead box in his last days, telling him his plans to Larry, trying to ask him to go with him to be together, however, Larry, who was prepared to die, refused, scolding him for having made him hope, which cost him his longevity, saddening Rama after the argument. Just as he said, Rama stayed under the sea, but to his surprise, Larry rescued him to finally be in a relationship with him, moving Rama by the act, since the world would be safe just like them with Keeg's help, sharing a passionate kiss as they both transformed into a sun.[6][7]





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