Rami was one of the Guardians of the Universe.

10 billion years ago, the man who would become "The First Lantern", Volthoom landed on Maltus and wreaked havoc killing thousands of Maltusians. In order to defeat Volthoom, Rami approached the Guardians with new weapons: the very first Green Lantern Rings. These seven rings went out into the universe, chose their bearers, and then they helped defeat and trap Volthoom and imprison him forever.[1][2]

Approximately 6 billion years ago, Rami the inventor creates Phantom Ring, but due to the disapproval of the rest of the Guardians of the Universe, Rami is excommunicated from the Guardians and sent into exile for the next couple billion years.[3]

In the present day, he arrives on Earth seeking the help of the Green Lantern of Earth only to be disappointed to find two rookies in his stead (Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz). He then seeks protection from these two in order to safeguard Phantom Ring from unwelcome wielders.[4]

When the Green Lanterns are able to remove Phantom Ring from The Phantom Lantern, Rami arrives and reveals he was able to imprison Volthoom's spirit/essence within an orb. However, the truth is that Volthoom trapped Rami's spirit within the orb then proceeded to inhabit the latter's body. In Rami's body, Volthoom explains that he will train Simon and Jessica and that the Earth is in good hands.[5]



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