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Cybernetic Entity
The Meteor below Poseidonis, City

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An alien warship disguised as a meteor which crashed to earth nearly ten thousand years ago.



The A.I. Consciousness that would come to be called The Skull Meteor would impact with the earth some 9,600 years ago causing the sinking of Atlantis as well as the cataclysmic effect known as The Great Deluge. The Atlanteans believe this to have been brought about by the irate goddess Suula to punish Orin,first king of Atlantis, for constructing the protective dome around Poseidonis.

Several millennia later said cybernetic asteroid would reassert itself during an alien invasion perpetrated by The Hunter/Gatherers, revealing the vessel's extraterrestrial background. Eventually it is revealed to Aquaman that the programmed entity who controls all of the city-sized vessel's functions, has telepathically liked to the vessel. Soon after coming to a consensus with the Cybernetic Entity aboard its systems, Aquaman would gain a psychic rapport with the construct using it to carry his kingdom around on.


It appears the meteoroid is part of a class of ships. This fleet of spacecraft had FTL capability and powerful energy weapons (beams fired from the giant eyes), it is likely that "Ramona" also had the same capabilities though they were never displayed.[1][2][3]

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