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Ramona runs Ramona's Bail Bond and Unisex Salon, and frequently supplies Lobo with bounties.

Ramona knew Lobo on planet Debubey 4[1] from before his time with L.E.G.I.O.N. (New Earth). Lobo believed her dead, until he had beaten up and sent a wanted fugitive to her bond agency for a reward. Ramona has given Lobo contracts in capturing the wanted murderers Loo and Feces, assigned Lobo to capture a female wrestler wanted for cannibalizing her husband[1], sent Lobo to Planet Bonix-11 to capture a wanted prostitute from the grounds of a harem, and later had Lobo retrieve a debt from an old lover - Porque "Bronc" Chauvez - as she owed back taxes from Interstellar Collection Agents who later executed her before Lobo fought them while also wanted for tax evasion.

Her demise later lead Lobo to work with Bunsen for a duration.




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