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Ramsey Spencer was the son of Kate Spencer and her novelist ex-husband.

At the age of six he stopped a garbage truck while saving his dog, Thor. Kate found out that his powers stem from his great-grand father Iron Munro, and not Al Pratt as originally thought. Like Iron Munro and his great-great-grandfather, Hugo Danner, Ramsey developed superpowers very early in life. He struggled to deal with these throughout his childhood.



  • Since Iron Munro was said to be the illegitimate son of Hugo Danner (star of the 1930 novel, Gladiator), Ramsey is part of the oldest super powered lineages in D.C. Comics. Since most of the generations were illegitimate, all of his ancestors had different surnames, thus obscuring this heritage. He is currently the only fifth generation metahuman (his grandfather being the only one who was not a hero).



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