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Quote1 You are an infection inside Central City! And I am the antibody inside of it that will remove you! Quote2
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Ramsey Rosso, aka Bloodwork, is a criminal in Central City with the power to control blood and turn himself into a blood monster. Because of this, he has acted as a villain to the Flash.

Ramsey was treated like a porcelain doll when he was little. He discovered what the word "hemophiliac" meant when he had an emergency on the playground and almost died from the amount of blood loss he had from a cut. As an adult, he got a job at the morgue in Central City.

Ramsey began experimenting with the properties of blood, which ultimately led to him gaining powerful new abilities and adopting the name Bloodwork. When The Flash found out Ramsey was stealing evidence, he came to stop him but was inflicted with tremendous pain through Ramsey's power to control blood.

Sometime later, Bloodwork was invited to join the Legion of Zoom, a group created by the Reverse-Flash to bring the hero's greatest villains together to finally defeat him. [1]


  • Haemo-Physiology: After experimenting on his blood with other blood types, Rosso developed the ability to transform his flesh into a blood-like physiology.[2]
    • Haemokinesis: Bloodwork also gained the ability to control blood, congeal blood, and make the blood of others burn.[2]
    • Invulnerability: Ramsey claims he is invulnerable, as he displays that he cannot be cut. The Flash tested his invulnerability by emotionally projecting lightning from his body, sending Ramsey out of the building several yards and landing with a hard crash onto the ground unharmed.[2]
    • Plasma Reconstruction: Bloodwork has the ability to generate blood as well as morph constructs out of it like tendrils and heart organs which can spread and feed off their surroundings.[2]
      • Infection: Mr. Rosso's blood can reform into veins & arteries which spread out and encoil around vast urban areas. The higher his blood pressure the faster and/or farther their reach gets.[3]
    • Transformation



  • Power Instability: The generation of blood from Bloodwork is dependent upon his own heartbeat. The faster his heart races, the faster the blood constructs expand outward; calming him down will result in his powers becoming weaker by comparison.[3]

Other Characteristics

  • Hemophilia: Rosso has the rare genetic disorder that doesn't allow his blood to clot normally. Ever since he was a kid, any blood loss, no matter how minor the injury, could be life threatening. His experimenting upon himself using metahuman blood tests potentially fixed his malformity.(Possibly Formerly)

  • "Rosso" in Italian translates to Red.


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