Ramsey Spencer is the son of Manhunter (Kate Spencer) and her novelist ex-husband, Peter Robinson.

Even without an appropriate uniform and against the will (and without the knowledge) of his mother, he acted as a masked vigilante until discovered by her. Kate's concern made her even imagine that Ramsey and his boyfriend Justin acted together as secret superheroes. What she did not know yet is that the boys were relying on Obsidian (Todd Rice) support.[1]

Shortly after, Ramsey graduated from USC Film School and is living happily with his boyfriend, who also comes from a superpowered family. The couple Todd Rice and Damon Matthews are still part of Ramsey's life. Iron Munro and Sandra Knight are as well. At his graduation party, he, his family, and his friends use their powers to take down Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney Todd's spirit, who has possessed Ramsey's "Uncle" Bones. Being around so many super powered friends and family, Ramsey naturally feels the urge to become a superhero himself. His mother finally comes to terms with his desire and gives him a suit designed by Dylan Battles similar to her own suit. With his natural superpowers and his battle suit, Ramsey begins his career along side his mom as the new Manhunter.[2]



  • Since Iron Munro was said to be the illegitimate son of Hugo Danner (star of the 1930 novel, Gladiator), Ramsey is part of the oldest super powered lineages in D.C. Comics. Since most of the generations were illegitimate, all of his ancestors had different surnames, thus obscuring this heritage. He is currently the only fifth generation metahuman (his grandfather being the only one who was not a hero).
  • Through his great-grandmother, Sandra Knight, he is third cousins to Ted Knight.



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