Quote1.png A thousand years and more I've been exiled to this lowest pit in Hell -- and not once did you come to visit! Your own mother -- and you left me here to rot! Quote2.png
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Ran Va Daath is a demon queen who, with her lover Belial, conceived the demon prince, Etrigan.

Millennia ago, out of boredom, the Archduke Belial aimed to expand his territory. He attempted to conquer the lands west of the River Acheron which belonged to the Serpent Queen, Ran Va Daath. The war was one of the bloodiest in the history of Hell, with bodies amassing until only Belial and Ran Va Daath remained. Staring each other down, preparing to attack, Cupid intervened striking them with passion. The two unholy beasts copulated on a bed of corpses. After consummating their love, Ran Va Daath tried to consume her mate. Belial managed to overpower the 'black widow' and dragged her back to his castle, where he took care of her until she came to term. On the 13th day of the 13th month after their meeting, Ran Va Daath gave birth to Belial's first son, Etrigan. The young prince was more than a handful. With council, Belial removed the "bad influence" of the child's mother by casting her into Masak Mavdil.[1]

Over a thousand years passed before the fully grown Etrigan would seek out his mother in the Pit at the advice of the Oracle at the River Styx.[2] Ran Va Daath agreed to fight along side her son in a bid to overthrow the Satanic Triumvirate.[3] Their coup succeeded, and after Etrigan's coronation he announced his fellow members of the new triumvirate would be Abaddon and his mother. In a rage, Belial attacked his treacherous son, but was subdued when Etrigan ripped out his heart and flung him into Masak Mavdil. Etrigan's reign was short lived however, as he was summoned back to Earth by Jason Blood. Seemingly unfazed by her son's disappearance, Ran Va Daath decided not to waste the ceremonial feast and carved up the main course, roast Caligula.[4]



  • Occultism: She could concoct a strong sleeping potion.[3]
  • Leadership: Ran Va Daath ruled west of the River Acheron, and lead her armies into battle against Belial.[1]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Her serpentine body was an effective weapon and she had a ruthless disposition, almost succeeding in eating Belial after copulation.[1]


  • The first mention of Ran Va Daath's name appears in The Demon (Volume 3) #6. In this issue it is spelled as "Raan Va Daath" but in all subsequent issues it is not. Since this is the only instance of this spelling it is safe to consider it incorrect.



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