Randall Dowling was an enemy of the Planetary.

Dowling has been involved in much of the secretive scientific research conducted behind the scenes in the last 50 years, including an American concentration camp called Science City Zero where political dissidents were used as guinea pigs. He also has connections to the Hark Corporation.[1] He is distantly related to the Dowling Gang, enemies of the Dead Ranger (a Lone Ranger analogue), who was the father of William Leather's adoptive father.[2] He met his end, due to a well-laid trap set by Elijah Snow, whereby he fell to his death when Elijah summoned a shift ship from the ground beneath them.


  • Telepathy: His power is the ability to "stretch" his mind, which spreads out and colonizes the minds of anyone within one hundred feet of him.
  • Enhanced Intellect: After the Artemis shot, his already-formidable scientific ability seems to have been enhanced by access to alien/bleed technologies.

  • Randall Dowling is a parallel to Marvel's Mr. Fantastic, but lacking the morality and humanity of his counterpart.



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