Crash was an enemy of Power Girl.

Early life

Randall Mikavic came to the United States from the Soviet Union when he was nine years old. The transition was hard. His accent was thick and he was overweight. He got beaten up a lot in school. He tried to fight back, but fighting wasn't his strength. Eventually, he found a solution by stealing electronics which he then sold to a pawnshop and giving the money to some older boys at school. In return, they beat up the kids who beat him. As a result, nobody ever beat Randall up again. He understood how certain types of commerce could dictate power. This would eventually make him the third richest arms dealer in the world. His personality was assimilated by a military android. Although he complains about his lack of "franks and beans" as Crash, he legitimately enjoys the use of his new powers. He is currently a goon acting under the orders of Maxwell Lord.


Mikavic's human body was destroyed by a Cybernetic Re-Adaptive Simulant Humanoid (C.R.A.S.H.) which needed to absorb his neural pathways to complete its programming. A copy of his personality is now housed inside the android alongside its programming. Crash's resting state is a thin 9' purple humanoid. His fully-powered state was unlocked once his full programming came on-line, causing him to bulk up significantly, with a corresponding increase in strength and stamina.



  • Power Limitation: Crash's fully-powered mode was initially only active for a 4 hour period. His programming automatically powered down at the end of this period, incapacitating him. He has since been seen in the fully-powered mode, although it is unknown whether or not he is still subject to the 4 hour time limit.

  • Crash has no genitalia, which Randall Mikavic finds very distressing.



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