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The Stallion was an enforcer for the Blockbuster Gang in Bludhaven and an enemy of Nightwing.

Randy Hanrahan kissed good-bye both a promising football career with the Dallas Cowboys and a much-desired Super Bowl ring when he suffered severe anterior-cruciate ligament injuries to both knees during pre-season scrimmage. "Stallion," as Hanrahan was nicknamed, subsequently moved north and tackled work as a bouncer in Penguin's Iceberg Lounge, where the notorious Penguin promoted him to "reposessor of defaulted loans." Stallion eventually became a free agent, plying his bone-crunching strength as a successful stone-cold killer, most recently in the employ of Blockbuster. Unfortunately, Stallion hasn't had much luck in completing his benefactor's contract in Nightwing, despite tag-teaming with both Lady Vic and the knife-wielding Brutale to bring down the young vigilante. Stallion has no formal martial arts training, but instead relied on his steroid-enhanced physique to muscle opponents into submission or death.

Stallion died during Infinite Crisis when the Brotherhood of Evil dropped Chemo on Blüdhaven under the orders of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, turning it into a nuclear wasteland.[1]