Rani was a young girl adopted by Booster Gold.

Rani is a young Daxamite born in the 31st Century, while on holiday with her adopted parents she was rescued by Booster Gold when the planet Daxam was been invaded by Darkseid. The young girl is suffering from trauma due to witnessing the event of watching the Emerald Empress murder her friends and family. In order to save her, Booster took her back with him and left her with Rip Hunter. Booster then travelled back to the past to search for evidence of Maxwell Lord's existence.

Booster Gold is still coming to terms with Rip's pointing out that he is now Rani's father, but his sister Michelle couldn't be happier to have a new member in the family.

She felt at home with the Time Masters, she enjoyed drawing on Rip Hunter's Chalk Board, as well as calling Rip "Boppy" because he looks like her grandfather. Her intellect is vastly superior to a human child of her time as she helped with some complicated repairs around the Time Lab.

After overhearing the conversations about Maxwell Lord, Rani decides to take a Time Sphere and go back in time to World War II in order to tell his mother that her son is a bad boy, However she is captured by Nazis. Booster Gold and Skeets travel back to rescue her and bring her home.

Rani has been able to use Michelle's Goldstar suit by activating the magnetism function, but she was caught and grounded by Michelle.



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