Dr Megala had a constant turnover of Doctoral candidates at the Continuum until he chose the fearless Ranita Carter - the youngest and brightest of them all. She had been at the facility for six months when she discovered the volcano erupting in Manhattan.[1]

It is no secret that Dr Carter is dating Dr Scott Alexander, yet she repeatly shows an excess of tenderness towards Captain Atom. Her interest becomes more romantic even after she incinerates her hand against Captain Atom’s face.[2] Despite Dr Alexander’s fear and jealousy, Atom is encouraged and instructed by Dr Megala in the reconstruction of Ranita’s hand; and Dr Carter is made whole again.

She takes a rare evening off to have dinner with Scott Alexander. It is Dec 1, 2011. Prophetically, Alexander states that Atom is her "own personal Jesus"[3]

20 years in the future, Ranita has become The Hand of Chrono Mota. Her quantum powers are able to defend pilgrims travelling to Nabta Playa; destroy their persuers; and heal a bullet wound.

When confronted by a retrograde Captain Atom, she confesses that she regrets loving him in the past - loving him in a way that her God cannot reciprocate.[4]

Time regresses, it is Dec 1 2011 again and Ranita unknowingly repeats her trip out for dinner, but this time Captain Atom puts the most human elements of himself in a Nathaniel Adam construct which takes Dr Alexander’s place on their date. Ranita worries that she is cheating on Scott, but soon lets go as she and Nathaniel kiss and embrace. While they make love, Dr Benjamin burns at the Continuum; he burns again and again. Ranita’s desire for Nathaniel; Benjamin’s unquenchable fire - all stemmed from Captain Atom’s subconscious mind and quantum powers. Once Atom regains his quantum form, he and Ranita both realise that they are better off alone.





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