Rapunzel is a Fable whose long hair grows longer by the hour, requiring her to keep Joel Crow as a constant hairdresser. Long ago, she became pregnant by the prince who saved her from Frau Totenkinder's tower, but when she went to search for her prince, she could not find him, and was forced to deliver her twins on her own. A kindly woman appeared to help her, but stole the twins away.

She later moved to the Japanese Hidden Kingdom and fell in love with Tomoko, one of that region's more powerful Fables. However, a traitorous guard in the emperor's court began poisoning his mind against fables, and a great massacre occurred. In the battle, Rapunzel was thrown down into a well full of corpses from which she could not escape. Eventually, her hair began to mat and tangle into Bezoars, which helped drag her out of the well, and kill everyone who had killed her friends. Unfortunately, her disappearance led Tomoko to believe she had betrayed her, and allowed her grudge to fester for centuries after the Adversary drove Fables out of the Homelands.

Centuries since leaving the Hidden Kingdom, Rapunzel received a message warning that her children were still alive, and returned to Japan to find them. Unfortunately, all she found was an embittered Tomoko, and the truth she had forgotten - that her twins were likely dead, and the children warned of in the message were the bezoars. Retrieving them, she faced Tomoko and revealed her true role in the revolution. When all was resolved, the Fables of Japan returned to the Hidden Kingdom, closing the doors behind them, and Rapunzel returned to Fabletown, eschewing a relationship with Tomoko for a budding new one with Joel Crow, who had fallen in love with her.



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