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Raquel Ervin was Rocket, the sidekick of Icon. She joined the Team in its first year and graduated to the Justice League.


Raquel Ervin was inspired by several sidekicks, such as Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Artemis. She convinced Icon to become a superhero, him taking her as his sidekick. He accepted and the two became heroes. She and Icon helped the Justice League fight off the plants Poison Ivy had unleashed. While helping Icon and the Justice League, she saved two civilians, grabbing both by the arms.

She later was brought up in a Justice League meeting, as a possible new member for the team. Wonder Woman proposed the team needed more female members, to which both Black Canary and Hawkwoman agreed.

Joining Young Justice

Raquel was brought to join the team when Icon joined the Justice League. She stayed with her new team in the Watchtower, angry over the fact that she had to be restrained indoors while the Justice League "got to celebrate".

She and the rest of the team fought against the mind-controlled Justice League. She saved Robin from a hit by Wonder Woman, trapping her in one of her force fields. She and Robin were then attacked by Batman. She dodged it and continued to restrain Wonder Woman for the rest of the fight. After defeating the Justice League she kissed Aqualad's cheek.

5 Years Later

Over the 5 year time period, she joined the Justice League and was once in a relationship with Robin, now Nightwing; she later gave birth to her son Amistad by an unknown partner. She later mourned the death of Artemis with the rest of her team and later had a bridal shower. At the bridal shower, she expressed remorse in having it right after Artemis' death, only to be comforted by the other female members of the Team.

While with the others, she was encased in ice by Captain Cold. She and the others got out of it thanks to Zatanna. When asked by Captain Cold if he was "doomed", she responded by saying "One hundred percent" before charging at him with Miss Martian, Zatanna, Black Canary, Wonder Girl, Bumblebee and Zatanna.





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