Quote1 Ain't my fault I got this stinkin' disease! I didn't ask fer it! I was happy bein' a normal, laid-back psychopath 'til this happened! Quote2
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Bludhound was a intergalactic criminal who went on a violent rampage after being diagnosed with a terminal illness known as Rob's Disease. A bounty warrant was issued, dead or alive, for a reward of $100,000 galactic credits, which brought him into the path of Lobo.


Bludhound was born Rasputin Widdle to a father who was a philosopher researching good and evil. When his wife gave birth to twins, he saw an opportunity for experimentation. One son was chosen to be raised with love and virtue, while the other was handed over to slavers to be beaten and put to work. Rasputin was the latter. Rasputin eventually killed his owners and fled, becoming the lone criminal known as Bludhound.


After being diagnosed with the terminal illness, Rob's Disease, Bludhound had nothing to lose an went on a killing spree across the galaxy. 130 people died during his robbery on Stratus-8 alone. This wanton carnage garnered the attention of L.E.G.I.O.N., with Vril Dox issuing a bounty warrant who he passed on to former associate, Lobo.

When his disease began to exhibit the final symptoms, Bludhound headed for the Planet, Harmony to complete his final mission. Just before entering the atmosphere he was attacked by Lobo. The two played an extreme game of chicken which neither back out of. Their spacehogs collided in a huge eruption and the two adversaries plummeted towards the surface of Harmony, still brawling in free fall.

Their descent was stopped with the aid of Harmony's perfect do-gooder superhero, Gold Star. Ignoring the "supercheez's" appeal for peace, Bludhound continued to fight the bounty hunter in bloody hand-to-hand combat, until Gold Star was forced to utilise his "niceness vibes" to make them feel pleasant emotions. Under the influence of Gold Star's powers, Bludhound confessed his intent on Harmony. He wanted to find his long lost twin who had been blessed with a perfect life while he was abandoned to misery. Upon revealing his real name as Rasputin Widdle, Gold Star stopped his righteous bombardment and revealed his true identity as Ernest Widdle, his twin brother. Ernest was overjoyed to reconnect, but Rasputin had only come to kill his reviled sibling.
Running out of time to collect his bounty, Lobo dispensed Gold Star with two frag grenades, but Bludhound's disease had caught up to him and his head imploded.[1]




  • Rob's Disease: Bludhound was diagnosed with a terminal illness that caused his extremities to swell before his head imploded.[1]


  • Spacehog



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