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 The Ravagers of Olys were a group of aliens who got tasked to cause the extinction of six worlds in Space Sector 2814, but the Green Lantern of that sector foiled their attempts.


The Six Days of Destruction

The Ravagers wanted to get admission into a Federation of criminals, and to do that, they received the task to cause the extinction of six planets following the same pattern of the Biblical story of Creation: on planet Zerbon, getting rid of their light[1]; on the artificial planet of Vivarium, making the skies fall down[2]; on Archos, making the water flood the entire planet[3]; on Jotham, cooling down the sun's temperature[4]; and on Earth, changing the natural order of the animals by turning big animals small, and viceversa[5], and inverting mankind's evolution back to dust[6].

Their plans, however, were foiled by the Green Lantern of the sector, Hal Jordan, and prevented the destruction of each of those planets. He allowed them to leave his sector, but with the warning that, if he sees them again, he would do more than wreck their ship.

Green Lanterns

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Level of Technology:

Advanced enough to create different machines capable of causing the extinction of a planet.

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