Raven was a member of the Secret Seven. One night Shade contacted her via his M-vest, however his power seemingly provoked her demons into attacking her. Zatanna showed up and sent the demons away. Raven asked whats happening. Zatanna believed that Shade had finally succumbed to madness.[1] Raven, Zatanna, and Mindwarp confronted Shade, who denied purposefully assaulting them. Then they discovered that Amethyst was dead, which seemingly proved their suspicions and prompted them to attack Shade. June Moon became angry, which allowed Enchantress to manifest herself and easily overpowered Raven, Mindwarp, and Zatanna. Shade begged Raven to change the emotions of Enchantress, as he believed this would allow June Moon to retake control of her body. Raven and Mindwarp are initially successful in subduing Enchantress. Raven attempted to absorb Enchantress into her Soul-Self. However before this could be done, Enchantress projected herself as June Moon and begged Shade to stop Raven. Shade temporarily turned Raven into glass, as he believed they could all talk out their issues. Enchantress took this opportunity to shatter Raven. Once Raven reverted back to normal, she is seemingly dead.[2]


  • Soul-Self: Raven manifests her Soul-Self while fighting Enchantress. She suggests that she can also absorb the Enchantress, while in this state.

  • Unlike New Earth Raven, this version of Raven seems to have given into the dark aspects of her Soul-Self.



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