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Raven is the half-human/half-demon, magic-wielding member of the Teen Titans.


Raven is the daughter of the inter-dimensional demon Trigon and a human woman. Ever since she was born, her father raised her to be evil, planning to turn her into a supervillain to take over the world.

In one version of Raven's origin - or as the Titans called them "orangins", Raven claimed to have been raised by old people and, while working as a photographer for a local newspaper, was bitten by a radioactive raven, giving her superpowers. The old man she lived with - her uncle - died of natural causes at the age of 95, therefore making this version of her origin more "tragic". However, as pointed out by Robin, Raven made the whole story up, as it's a parody of another hero's origin story. [6]

Joining the Teen Titans

Story 1

Raven arrived in Jump City, California, to terrorize the Earth for her demon father Trigon. However, because she didn't want to be a supervillain, she was unenthusiastic about her destruction.

While destroying Jump City Park, Raven was contacted by the newly-independent hero Robin, who noticed her disinterest in villainy and invited her to audition for the new super-team he was forming called the Teen Titans.

At the auditions, Robin cut Raven from the team because she failed his tests, including punching him during the combat challenge instead of fighting the combat dummy. Instead, he chose his team to be Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy, and Bumblebee. However, Kid Flash and the other recruits decided they didn't like Robin as their leader and voted to kick him off his own team.

Robin reconnected with the heroes he had originally cut and, all feeling like rejects, decided to team up themselves to get Titans Tower back from Kid Flash's team. Robin, Raven, and the other rejects challenged Kid Flash to a competition for the rights to the tower, and Kid Flash accepted. Though the rules were rigged against them, Robin's Titans cheated their way into Titans Tower and kicked the other team out of Jump City for good.

Officially, the rejects had become Jump City's sole protectors - the Teen Titans. [7]

Story 2

In another version of the story, Robin reached out to Raven while she fought her father in the demon dimension. Robin sought Raven as a member of the team he was forming because he saw her as filling the role of a "former villain". Raven demanded Robin leave her dimension at once because her favorite show was on. Robin left his business card for her to contact him anyway. Later, while Robin was stopping a robbery in Jump City by himself, Raven and the other invited heroes assembled for the first time, forming the Teen Titans.

Though the Titans liked this version of the story, they didn't think anyone would ever believe it. [8]

Teen Titans Movie

After the success of their movie, the Teen Titans basked in their 15 minutes of fame until, 20 minutes later, they discovered they had become has-beens. Darkseid refused to fight them, having seen their movie and disliked their humor, Baloon Man got an inflated head about his role in the movie and thought he outgrew the stars, and the H.I.V.E. Five refused to associate with the Titans to preserve their own reputation.

Though the Titans went into a temporary depression from their crashing fame, they found renewed interest in crimefighting - focusing on petty crimes like littering and overdue library books.

Soon after, the Titans decided to seek new jobs in the movie industry. Raven found a niche as an agent, using her demonic powers to sway associates to do what she wanted. However, the Titans became disillusioned with behind-the-scenes work as well and, upon declaring their return to the "real world", they discovered they were actually in a comic book the whole time, having been trapped by Control Freak. Eventually, they returned to the status quo. [9]


  • Demonic Azarathian Hybrid:
    • Magic: Raven has a wide range of various powers and abilities which appear to be rooted in the magical, mystical and supernatural. Though not required, Raven often speaks the phrase "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" to focus her abilities.


  • Occultism: Raven is well-versed in the occult and is familiar with the magical and mystical rites from both her home dimension Azarath as well as Earth.
  • Mechanical Aptitude: According to Raven, all of her relatives have been mechanics, and she has picked up their skills over time.[12]
  • Deception: Raven, using the alias "Ravine", was able to trick the H.I.V.E. Five into letting her temporarily join the team.[2]

  • Raven hates the color green.[13]
  • Raven, like the other Titans, was between the ages of 15 and 18 when she first joined the team. [14]
  • Raven particularly enjoys the art of post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. [15]
  • Raven considers Starfire to be her best friend. [16]



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