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Raven was the daughter of Trigon, who, much to her dismay, was a substitute teacher at her elementary school.

Dad's Day Off

Wilsons and Trigons

Her father had tickets to a baseball and invited Principal Wilson. They then proceeded to take their children out of school and went to the game. Afterwards, they went surfing, fishing, and to a rollercoaster. Rose was excited to tell their friends of their day, but wanting to keep their reputation, Raven and Jericho brainwashed her to keep this a secret.[1]

Mixin' It Up

Raven shows off her new book.

Raven was given a book of spells from her father. Her favorite spell transported Mr. Mxyzptlk to her location. She brought the book to Titans Treehouse to show her friends, the Titans. She summoned the imp and they harassed him. He tried teleporting back to the Fifth Dimension, but Raven kept bringing him back. She eventually let him escape, but not before stealing his hat.[2]





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