Raven was from the planet Khera, where he was a member of one of the leading political/cultural groups known as The Brotherhood of the Blade who acted as the male counterpart to the Coda Sisterhood sent as vanguard of Kheran's forces on during the Kherubim/Daemonite War on Earth in Greece. At the time, Raven also served as the lover of Nemesis during her time on Earth. Eventually Raven and the Brotherhood grew disillusioned with the Kheran High Command due to their superiors feeling the war on Earth had raged for too long with no victory in sight because the leaders on both Kherubim and Daemonite sides used the war to consolidate power, and they decided to defect from Kheran's forces. The Brotherhood eventually decided they should take power for themselves and made alliances with Daemonite factions who were similarly tired of the prolonged war and wished to garner power. The Brotherhood and Daemonite alliance decided to slaughter the Coda forces on the Island of Lesbos in Greece 995 B.C. and had Nemesis blamed for the massacre after she was betrayed and left for dead by Raven due to her empathic gifts having the capability to uncover their conspiracy.[1]

Raven formulated the plan to use the human race as a weapon against Khera and spent 3000 years manipulating human evolution to create an army of superpowered warriors to be activated by a power-triggering metahuman that would be used to conquer Khera and eventually control the entire universe. To that end, the Brotherhood fooled the Kheran Command into believing it had returned to Khera as it labored in the shadows to alter the human genome by entwining normal human DNA with mutagens via centuries-long breeding programs. Raven tried to activate the metahuman army using trigger metahumans over the centuries but was constantly thwarted by Nemesis who kept sabotaging his plans and killing his triggers. He eventually appeared in modern times as William Raven, CEO of the weapons-selling Raven Industries, where he raised a young girl named Kara as her uncle when she was actually planned to be used as the next trigger for his plans.

Raven was attacked by Nemesis and the Wildcats before he managed to kick start his plan and activate the latent superhuman potential in a portion of humanity to create his army across the United States. Raven was eventually confronted on his battleship were he dueled Nemesis to the death. He was eventually killed when he was stabbed through a window and torn to pieces as a result of spacial decompression.[2]



  • Master Martial Artist: With weapons that are older then some civilizations and a status that placed him as the head of an order of warrior.
  • Weapons Master: His skills with weapons mainly focus on the use of bladed weapons.





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