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Ray Sacks was a corrupt District Attorney in Metropolis, and a noted critic of the local vigilante known as "the Blur".

After the Wonder Twins, who tried to imitate the Blur (and giving him credit for their heroics), screwed up several times (with the Blur being blamed for their actions), Sacks attempted to force the Blur to out himself to the public. However, Sacks' efforts were interrupted by Lois Lane, ensuring that the Blur would keep himself hidden. Enraged, Sacks attempted to kill Lois, framing the Blur. However, this attempt failed, Sacks was apprehended by the Wonder Twins, and sent to prison.[1]

Sacks' was released within a few months, with the aid of Maxwell Lord (recruiting Sacks to Checkmate). Still out to get the Blur, Sacks issued a two-million-dollar reward to the person who could get him a photo of the Blur's face. However, once more Sacks was foiled by Lois Lane, with the aid of the Blur.[2]




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